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Our Company

DHD Contact LLC was established in October 2002 as a Consulting Company providing technical and management consulting for its clients. DHD provides a One-Stop Shop for small and medium sized projects. Our combination of highly skilled international and local experts using international best practices and standards can guarantee efficient and effective implementation of energy, water and other infrastructure projects.
DHD is centrally located in Yerevan, Armenia with local representatives throughout the region.
Our international clients demand the same quality and results that they have come to expect in their own countries. With the use of our international consultants and partners from the US and Western Europe, we have developed strong capabilities of the local representatives on international best practices in several business sectors, including the wood processing, energy and water, pharmacy, cosmetics, and other sectors.

DHD can fully cover all aspects of small and medium projects, from the initial concept stage through operating and maintaining of the facilities.

With Geo Tek representativeWith Geo Tek representative

DHD has provided expert consulting on:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Marketing and Sales
  3. Engineerin
  4. Project Financing
  5. Legal and Regulatory
  6. Design
  7. Construction
  8. Operations
  9. Maintenance
  10. Good Practices
  11. Internal Control
  12. Procurement of Facilities and Service Contractors

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