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Here is a sampling of our services:


Development of Renewable Projects

Renewable sources of energy. Development of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies of Renewable Projects. Development of complete Energy Regulation and Environmental License packages. Due diligence studies, audits, and monitoring of construction and operations.

Large Hydro Projects

Rehabilitation and refurbishment of existing large Hydro Plants. Financial analysis and assessments. Feasibility Studies, Cost analysis and Business Plans. Development of License packages.

Water management

Water resources and management. Efficient use of water. Hydro technical constructions. Investigation and assessment of dams, impoundments, ponds etc. Water use legal assessments. Development of water use Licenses.

Energy market analysis. Financial and Technical Audit

Energy market structures, Integrated Least Cost Planning. Technical and financial analysis, assessments, and audit. Energy efficiency development on both the supply-side and demand-side. Cost analysis and risk assessment. Legal assessment of Projects. Financial risk mitigation.

Small Hydro Projects

Development of Small Hydro Projects. Feasibility Studies, Cost analysis, and Business Plans. Purchase of equipment for the projects. Provision of all equipment.

Solar energy projects

Solar Energy Renewable Projects. Heating systems. Cost analysis and Business Plans. Provision of all equipment.

Wind energy projects

Wind energy Renewable Projects. Business Plans, Feasibility Study, Cost analysis. Provision of all equipment.



Biomass/Bio-Fuel projects